Happenings at the Grove, July 13-14

Come out to hear Jim Cerminaro as part of our Summer Concert Series. Jim is a fabulous crooner in the Frank Sinatra tradition and was a big hit last year! 7:15pm at the Tabernacle on Saturday.

And make a note NOW — next weekend we will have the Jacobs Brothers performing Saturday night and the Spaghetti supper Friday night. Both never disappoint!

This Sunday at 7:15pm we will have Vespers. Joe Kadtke, Executive Director, Prison Outreach of Delaware and Facility Chaplain at the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution will be with us.

Remember the Snack Bar and Centennial Shoppe!

For all the details all the time, check our website: http://www.pattersongrove.org

All roads lead to Patterson Grove! #weresavingaseatforyou !