Join us for Faith and Fellowship Activities, Campmeeting 2019

The following activities begin at 1:30 unless otherwise noted. Sign-up sheets at Pump House and Boarding Hall.

July 21-Sunday—-Dedication of the New Entrance Cross—- at Grove entrance by the Cross

July 22-Monday—-Prayer Beads—- Memorial Cottage (room for 12 participants)

July 23-Tuesday—-Golfing—- Meet at Memorial Cottage to go to Morgan Hills (sign-ups appreciated)

July 24-Wednesday—-Christian Journaling—- Memorial Cottage

July 25-Thursday—-Rock Painting—-VBS Children—-Memorial Cottage

July 26- Friday—-Women’s Tea—-Boarding Hall (sign ups appreciated)

July 29-Monday—-Prayer Labyrinth—-Meet at the Memorial Cottage- entire afternoon outdoor activity

July 30-Tuesday—-Pastors’ Luncheon—-Cottage 66

July 31-Wednesday—-Seder Meal—-3PM, Picnic Pavilion (sign ups appreciated)

August 1-Thursday—-Carnival—-Pump House Circle