Update on current restrictions

From the Patterson Grove Trustees:

Continuing with our regular updates related to the current restrictions.

Since our last email, no changes have been made to the Stay at Home Order for Pennsylvania which is in place for all counties until April 30th. There is no indication at this time if the stay at home order will continue into May or if we will start to see any changes and a decrease in the restrictions. We are watching the situation closely. Full details on the order and any updates can be found at https://www.pa.gov/guides/responding-to-covid-19/ .

With the continued restrictions, we do not yet have a date for water turn on or opening of the grounds for occupancy. In our current situation, we must reiterate that everyone should refrain from embarking on travel to Patterson Grove for this season. We ask that you share this message with your family and friends who may utilize your cottage but are not on this email distribution.

The next scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees is scheduled to be held on Friday April 24th. Due to social distancing no physical meeting will take place. Should you have any topics, concerns, or questions to be put in front of the trustees, please send them in response to this email by Wednesday April 22nd.

Stay home and stay safe.

The Patterson Grove Board of Trustees

Key dates for summer 2020 (subject to change) are on the website.