Water News 2021

With the warm weather we are all anxious to get back to our much loved Patterson Grove.   With the current DEP regulations and policies, there are actions which need to be taken before we can announce an opening date for the campground.    

As of April 8, the water start-up process has been initiated.   During this start-up process no one should take any action to utilize the water pipes.   Do not touch any water caps.   Do not open any lines.   It is important for a streamlined process as well as the safety of all, to maintain the water pressure and not be exposed to the chemicals in the lines.   

DEP guidance is that no one should be occupying the grounds during the start-up process.   For this reason we ask you to refrain from spending time on the grove while this is underway.    This point is documented in Section V Cottage Occupancy of the Handbook & Policies point 1.c:’No occupancy approvals will be granted during the mandated water testing time period, defined by the period of time when water is in the pipes, but not yet approved by the DEP for use.’ Also please note point 1.d:’Any fines rendered by the DEP due to occupancy during the off season will be the responsibility of the violating cottage holder(s).

Our hope that if all guidance is followed we can have a streamlined start-up and be able to announce an open for occupancy date in approximately 2 weeks.   However if any of our tests result in the DEP directing us to take additional actions, this period of time will be extended.