Fall Work Day October 8 – all the details!

This Saturday October 8th is our scheduled Fall Clean-up Day.

We need representatives from each cottage to help with the various closing activities. This is not just a cottageholder event, seeking all family members – children, grandchildren, etc.

The biggest task on Saturday is leaf raking. Please bring your rakes and leaf blowers.
Other closing activities will include clean up of the tabernacle, collecting and storing pond chairs and toys, storing of playground equipment, final clean-up of the boarding hall dining room (after lunch), taking down of the Patterson Grove sign, etc.

We will gather at the Tabernacle at 8am for all who are able to make it to start off the day.

If you are not able to arrive that early, do not let that stop you in joining in. If you arrive after 8 just grab any trustee and we can fill you in on where your help is needed.

To avoid the need for anyone to prepare a dish while doing clean up activities, lunch will be provided. We will be grilling some hotdogs and eating in the Boarding Hall Dining Room.

As a reminder the timing of the water shut off is dependent on the weather. This year we have not had any risk of freezing in the forecast and therefore will not start the water shutoff process until October 15th. Please expect that the water shutoff process can start at any time as of that date. The specific timing will be determined by our water provider.