Campmeeting 2018

July 22 to August 5th.  This will be our 150th celebration!

Sr. Youth Leader – Brent Shypulefski
Sr. Youth Assistant – Tina Woodward
Jr. Youth Leader – Joshua Fritz
Jr. Youth Assistant – Bryce Lerew

VBS Director – Jennifer Smith

Worship Leader/Choir Director – David Duty
Pianist (except Sunday mornings) – Brenda Nighbert

Sunday Morning Accompanists:
July 22 – Shane Swisher
July 29 – Rachel Belles
August 5 – Matt Pugh

Events during Campmeeting
Evening prayer begins each evening at 7:00PM at the Memorial Cottage
Evening serices begin each night at 7:15PM in the Tabernacle
Junior Youth begins each weekday morning at 9:30AM at the tent
Senior Youth begins each weekday morning at 9:00AM at the Rec Hall
Bible Study begins each weekday morning at 9:30AM at the Boarding Hall
VBS begins each morning at 9:15AM at the Tabernacle

Sunday Worship Service begins at 10:30AM at the Tabernacle
Children’s Sunday School begins at 9:00AM in the Tabernacle Sunday School Room
Teen’s Sunday School begins at 9:00AM
Sunday Adult Scripture Discussion Group begins at 9:00AM in the Memorial Cottage

July 22-July 27
Bible Study: Week 1 – Dan Dennis
July 22, Sunday Morning – Bishop Jeremiah Park
July 22-July 26 – Evangelist Tal Murphree

July 28-August 5
Bible Study: Week 2 – Stevan Atansoff
July 28- July 30 – Evangelist Michael Pope
July 29, Memorial Service/Communion – Rev. Barbara Saxe
annual group picture at the Tabernacle: Sunday, July 29, 10:10am
July 31 – August 2 – Evangelist Daniel Dennis
August 4 – Evangelist John Shypulefski
August 5, Sunday morning – Rev. Fred Hickok
August 5 – Evangelist Jay Saxe