Cottages for Sale/Rent

Do you have a cottage you’d like to offer for sale or rent?  Is your cottage listed here and you need it removed because you have sold or rented it?  Please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

All additional information about properties available for sale or rent is only obtainable from the owner.  This web page is provided solely as a  convenience for those interested in making others aware of their cottage being for sale.

Not sure where a cottage is located?  See the map!

NOTE:  Any person(s) interested in buying a cottage must be interviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees regarding their faith in Christ, their anticipated amount of time they will participate in Campmeeting services and activities, and have a letter from their pastor stating they are an active church member. Remember, this is a religious camp, and that should be the primary reason for wanting a cottage.


Date Added to Website Cottage # Contact Contact Phone Asking Price
June 2017 #55 Mike McAllister 443-890-5251 $14,000
June 2017 #104 Leslie Cross 570-864-7000 unknown
June 2017 #109 Kurt/Holly Michael 570-854-9980 $3,950
June 2017 #114 Kevin Sharretts 570-441-5550 $19,900

no known listings at this time.