Cottages for Sale

Do you have a cottage you’d like to offer for sale?  Is your cottage listed here and you need it removed because you have sold it?  Please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

All additional information about properties available for sale is only obtainable from the owner.  This web page is provided solely as a  convenience for those interested in making others aware of their cottage being for sale.

Not sure where a cottage is located?  See the map!

NOTE:  Prospective owners must present a letter from their pastor stating that they are an active member of their church and then be interviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees as to their faith in Christ, the reason they want a cottage, their intended involvement with the Campmeeting program, and their willingness to obey all rules and regulations of the Grove.  These rules also apply to inherited cottages.  Additional details related to selling/buying a cottage.


Date Added to Website Cottage # Contact Contact Phone/Email Asking Price
5/26/22 44 Greg and Nancy Fritz $18,000
02/08/23 46 Kathy & Sherman Fink