Guidelines for Sale of Cottages


Patterson Grove Campground is a Private Christian Facility that is open to all professing, active, and participating Christian Disciples.


  1. You, the Cottage Owner, own the cottage and you lease the land it sits on from Patterson Grove Campmeeting Assoc., Inc.
  2. The sale of your cottage is between you and the prospective new owner.
  3. The prospective owner cannot use the cottage without having a land use Lease granted by the Board of Trustees of Patterson Grove Campmeeting Association, Inc.
  4. The prospective owner must be interviwed and approved by the Board of Trustees to be granted a land use Lease.
  5. A recommendation letter from an organized church’s pastor that testifies to the conditions stated in the “Statement of Purpose” is required prior to scheduling an interview.


  1. Board of Trustees should be aware that your cottage is “For Sale.” The Board will list the “For Sale” in its periodic publications if desired by the seller.
  2. Current cottage owner should let the Board secretary know when a sale agreement is reached.
  3. Prospective buyer will receive from the Board of Trustees: a Lease, Bylaws, and Handbook to be read prior to the interview.
  4. No funds, except for any good faith retainer, should exchange hands until the prospective cottage owner is granted a Lease.
  5. At the time of the interview and after a short private meeting of the Board, a decision will be made on granting a Lease. If approved, all parties will sign the Lease.
  6. After the Lease signing, the Property Transfer forms can be completed if the Current Owner and New Owner have completed the Bill of Sale transaction to each party’s satisfaction.
  7. At this point there is a new cottage owner.

NOTE: The events can occur in other sequences at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. (This information was approved by the Patterson Grove Campmeeting Association, Inc. – February 22, 2019)