Join us for Faith and Fellowship Activities, Campmeeting 2019

The following activities begin at 1:30 unless otherwise noted. Sign-up sheets at Pump House and Boarding Hall.

July 21-Sunday—-Dedication of the New Entrance Cross—- at Grove entrance by the Cross

July 22-Monday—-Prayer Beads—- Memorial Cottage (room for 12 participants)

July 23-Tuesday—-Golfing—- Meet at Memorial Cottage to go to Morgan Hills (sign-ups appreciated)

July 24-Wednesday—-Christian Journaling—- Memorial Cottage

July 25-Thursday—-Rock Painting—-VBS Children—-Memorial Cottage

July 26- Friday—-Women’s Tea—-Boarding Hall (sign ups appreciated)

July 29-Monday—-Prayer Labyrinth—-Meet at the Memorial Cottage- entire afternoon outdoor activity

July 30-Tuesday—-Pastors’ Luncheon—-Cottage 66

July 31-Wednesday—-Seder Meal—-3PM, Picnic Pavilion (sign ups appreciated)

August 1-Thursday—-Carnival—-Pump House Circle

Water is on! Spring clean up scheduled for May 18!

Calling all cottageholders–

We are happy to report that our water testing has completed and we have passed all the required tests. Patterson Grove is open for the season.  

Spring Clean-up will be held this Saturday May 18th. There will be a fellowship luncheon in the Boarding Hall at noon.    Please bring a covered dish to share and join in the fun and fellowship.  

Spring Clean Up Day …. not yet set.

CORRECTION: Spring Clean Up Day has not been set. However, it will not be before May 7 for the reasons noted here related to the wells. Apologies for any mis-understanding. Please note, start up procedures on the wells will begin on April 19, weather permitting. There is a 2-week start up procedure required by DEP. At the conclusion of the 14 days, water tests need to be performed and then we need to await DEP approval.

REVISED: Clean Up and Closure 2018

Fall Clean Up will be on Saturday, October 13.

Take note: The water shut off for the Grove will begin on 10/17. This process takes 2 weeks to complete. Previous announcements suggested the water would turn off on 10/31. That is incorrect. The water will be turned off on 10/17 and the associated procedures completed over the subsequent 2 weeks. Please share with others who may not see this post or the email that was sent.